Thursday, May 3, 2012

My all time favorite


I would  love to share the most precious time of my life with you.We may not be a perfect couple,but we can have perfect moments together.Let's fill our home with love and divine guidance.

I want to thank you for making me this HAPPY.,Not until you came,I never knew that there is such kind of joy like this.I will never get tired of waking you up with my little teases and kisses.

I may not be  the best wife you could ever have,but I can be your best friend that  could ever lived.Thank you for sharing your laughter,tears and resentments with me,that only proves you are comfortable with me.

Thank you for sharing your secrets,decisions and let me budget our expenses,that only shows you trust me.

Thank you for being honest,thoughtful and caring,that only means that you love me too.Thank you for understanding and accepting my imperfections.

But most of all,I love to thank God by sending the answer to my prayers right on time,that is the day when I have you near with me and assure to me that you and I will be together for the rest of our lives.Words are not enough to show my love for you,so,let me cut this letter and start to show you what really love means.

                                       Staying in love with you now and always..


                                                                                                 ngangarap lang   mga pre...lasing lang po..cenxa naman...
hahaha..Honey,kahit di pa kita kilala...humanda ka...malulunod ka sa pag-ibig ko..choz!

I hope you enjoy reading.

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