Monday, May 14, 2012

I love you Mama!

I intended to post this late,because I want her  to see this first before anybody else...
My Mother's Day present to a very lovely mother!

For  the love and care,for the thoughts you've shared.
For the strenght you  showed,for the problems you dare.
For the never ending support,that you always bare.
Thank you mama for being there.

The glimpse of her  eyes that is always bright,
That shines on me through day and night.
Makes me feel shiver whenever I sight,
I see it through her soul,she never wants to fight.

She got the sweetest voice I ever heard,
That no one in this world could ever had.
So,I never want to get her mad,
For her blood pressure don't get bad.

For my "MAMA" that is so unique,
I'm so blessed that we were able to meet,
For you are to me is God's greatest gift;
I love you for what you are,as I always did.

I love you MAMA!
Happy Mother's Day!

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