Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Farewell Pre...

I dreamt of you last week,We saw each other the last time I visited our hometown,I even  talked about you with my housemates last night...Telling our crazy ideas and the things we've shared together,as well as how lucky I am to know and to have a bestfriend who is real gentleman...And No one is expecting to hear such news about you today...

Back in the days...classmates and students used to  teased us as if we are in a relationship.Our closeness and sweetness are often misunderstood.But I'm glad that I have all of these memories of you that makes me smile everytime I remember you.Right at this moment...I know you already know,my deepest darkest secret that I'm so scared to tell you. <3

Thanks for being my responsible leader at all times,for being supportive more than a brother,for being thoughtful and sweet more than a lover,for being playful and naughty as classmate and for being my bestfriend.

And like any other friends,we also have misunderstandings,I still remember the day you burst out from being angry to what I have said ,though I'm happy that we were able to fixed everything the other day,and somehow  reminds me that I have never ever get angry to you...so sweet and kind,generous and understanding,very energetic and optimistic,well organized and efficient...at alam kong hinihintay mo.."cute pa",So what will be the reason to get angry with him..I guess...nothing

just now...

"Nakakainis ka! Payat na ko ng konti ngayon,panu mo pa ko makikita?Sabi mo liligawan mo na ko pag payat ko di ba? lagi mo talaga ko niloloko!
Basta Bestfriend,If may kailangan ka ...magpakita ka sakin ha...I will do my best..PROMISE"

I love you best...as always...

Bye pre...

Bye Benjamin O.Dela Cruz..

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  1. oooh this is just sad.

    I hope all the best for you and the closest people in your life.