Thursday, June 21, 2012


When I first saw you wearing that smile,
My world stops revolving just for a while;
Make my heart freezing that I almost die,
I knew then I love you and that wasn't a lie.

I offer to you my heart and soul,
I'm very very much willing to give you my all,
I'll stand beside you,so,you can stand tall,
Where you can lean on even like a wall.

My days are all complete when I'am with you,
You always make me feel brand new,
That's why I wanna grow old with you,
But you never let things happen nor to make It come true.

One day I found out,that you can no longer stay,
Here in my arms,you want to run away,
But It really hurts me deeper,when you told me and say,
"Sorry,you've lost,All I want is to play"

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